Drawing has always been, and still is, a daily routine. When a youngster I wasn't sure  this would lead to a professional career, but  at the age of 26 I decided it would. Being an autodidact  I studied and was inspired by the paintings of the 19th century Dutch painters (The Romantic School). Nowadays my main inspiration is the landscape and especially the small-scale intimate spaces surrounding me.
Below you will see a selection of paintings and objects, which predominantly focus on the landscape or a detail in the landscape. Abstract, three-dimensional shapes, mostly made of metal, wood, cardboard, paper and paint.
I admire the paintings  by B.C. Koekkoek, A.Schelfhout, J.W.M. Turner, J. Wagemaker, J.Schoonhoven, César and Anselm Kiefer and favour both Medieval architecture and art (Roman and Gothic) and intuitive architectual design.

My work has been bought by many private art connoisseurs and art collectors and I have been exposing at the large art and antiques fair PAN in Amsterdam for a number of years.
Paul Wieggers
€ 0,00
Hunnebed in Drenthe
50 x 100 cm
€ 5.700,00
Vorst in tegenlicht
30 x 120 cm
€ 5.800,00
De intimiteit van de Herfst
30 x 122,3 cm
€ 2.500,00
16 x 53 cm
€ 3.900,00
Herfstochtend in het veen
20 x 89,4 cm
€ 7.800,00
51 x 98 cm
€ 3.250,00
Langs de Maneschijnweg
21,4 x 64 cm
= sold